Corporate Government Greed and Illegal Human Experimentation

Greedy corporations have purchased & been given access to our government’s most classified technologies and are now using it to track U.S. Citizens as well as conduct unethical human experiments. If you have a friend or loved one who expresses to you that they have been FOLLOWED, TRACKED OR HARASSED BY VEHICLES/PEOPLE ,or expressed HOME INVASIONS WITH NO SIGN OF FORCED ENTRY, CEL PHONE HACKING, POISONING or SILENT SOUND (hearing voices) then please take into consideration that your loved one may be a victim of ORGANIZED STALKING METHODS used in conjunction with illegal human experimentation practices. DO NOT automatically assume that your loved one is on illicit drugs, or has a mental disorder. Organized Stalking is very real, please research it and become familiar with this widespread problem and bring awareness to Organized Stalking!

Watch YouTube Video: Declassified Human Experimentation

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One Response to Corporate Government Greed and Illegal Human Experimentation

  1. debi says:

    I am a victim of this practice. My ex Bill, Billy or William Guzenski of No. Ca. works for the DOD and when we split the horrific attacks got worse and I was gangstalked. I initially became a TI when I lived in Orange County, Ca. I workedfor First Alliance Mortgage and a loan officer by the name of Bob Minty and the CEO Brian Chisick felt I may be a whistleblower and paid to put me on a TI list. I experienced V2 K for the first time and DEW weapons. The The Orange police were also involved as well as Riverside police when I was gangstalked last year. I am still fighting and being attacked with energy wweapons. I dont deserve any of this and I want my human rights!

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